Semi-auto Hot & Cold Laminator

Our semi-auto hot and cold laminator is the laminating machine of entry level manufactured by Mefu. It is a roll laminator that offers such an inexpensive laminating solution to various areas. Its laminating and mounting width is available from 1.37mm/50'' to 1620mm/64''. That's why this single sided laminator meets most applications.

In addition, the changeover from Roll-to-Roll is so fast and easy due to pullout mandrels. Semi-auto hot and cold laminator of F1 series offers unbeaten performance at this price level.

    1. MF1400-F1 Semi-auto Hot & Cold LaminatorLarge diameter silicon rollers with steady pressure system provide more accurate laminating. This wide format laminator comes with even lighter self-blocking roll-shafts developed by our company.
    1. MF1600-F1 Semi-auto Hot & Cold Laminator

      This semi-automatic laminating machine offers an cost-effective solution to an extensive range of applications. Available with stronger frame, large diameter silicon rollers, steadily pressure system, etc.

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    1. MF1700-F1 Semi-auto Hot & Cold Laminator

      While using, safety with laser eye and emergency device provides dual protection for operators. Simultaneously, the new even lighter self-blocking roll-shafts configured make operators easily, quickly change films.

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