Fully-auto Heat-assist Cold Laminator

The fully-auto heat assist cold laminator is a laminating machine serviceable in C1 or F5 series. It possesses laser safety device, high-quality rollers, as well as fully automatic pressure and height adjustment system. The special designs make heavy-duty roll-to-roll application so easy and fast. Besides, this single sided laminator has an infrared heating system that contributes to more accurate lamination with better finish. Simple tension adjustment is designed for winds and rewinds, making the whole process more efficient and easier than ever.

Our fully-auto heat assist cold laminator is also called automatic one-sided laminator, fully automatic single side laminator, one-sided laminating machine, and the like.

    1. MF1700-C1 Fully-auto Heat-assist Cold Laminator

      This automatic cold laminating machine works efficiently at all time, that's due to its fully adjustable pressure and height by air. It suits to most applications with laminating and mounting width reaching 1620mm(64'').

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    1. MF2300-C1 Fully-auto Heat-assist Cold LaminatorThis range of fully-auto laminating equipment can be used with an extensive range of laminating films, adhesives, and substrates. It comes with unique design elements. For instance, it has laser eye for safety protection, and possesses easy feed tale which incorporates image guide for infeed of media.
    1. MF1700-F5 Fully-auto Heat-assist Cold LaminatorBecause of its fully adjustable settings such as temperature, speed, and pressure, the heat-assist laminating machine is ideal for the more experienced finisher requiring a highly versatile laminator.