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Semi-auto Heat-assist Cold Laminator


MF1700-M5 semi-auto heat-assist cold laminator designed based on MF1600-M5, has a lamination width up to 1.62m/64''. Therefore, semi-auto laminator of this size covers most common finishing requirements with high quality results. Designed with much more better silicon rollers, it has a longer service life with trouble free. Its unique anti-tilt and anti-fold system makes sure clear output. Simply designed, the lamination machinery is extremely easy to use and provides quality laminating results.


Model MF1700-M5
Type Heat-assist Cold
Max. Lamination Width 1620mm/64''
Max. Lamination Thickness Up to 23mm/0.9''
Heating Infrared
Heating Type Heated top roller
Max. Temp. 60℃/140°F
Warm Up Time 5-10 min
Max. Speed Up to 7m/min
Roller Silicon
Roller Diameter 130mm/5''
Power 2200W
Voltage 110V/220V
Height Adjustment Hand wheel
Pressure Adjustment Hand wheel
Foot Pedal Switch Yes
Safety Laser eye
Certificate CE, RCM, ROHS
Static-free Yes

Benefits and Features

Optimum Performance
1. MF1700-M5 semi-auto heat-assist cold laminator applies high quality silicon rollers for bubble-free application.
2. Made of stronger frame, it has a longer lifetime and seldom fails.
3. This semi-auto laminating machine has a stable pressure system that produces more even pressure for both sides.
4. Designed with an unique anti-tilt and anti-fold system, it offers clear output.

Ease of Use
1. This heat-assist laminating machine features manual nip gap adjustment.
2. It allows film tension to simple adjusted.
3. To easily load films, it is equipped with light weight drop-in supply shafts with auto-grip.
4. MF1700-M5 laminating equipment can be used for roll-to-roll operation.
5. Available with a foot pedal switch, it is also suited for accurate piece-to-piece application.

1. Foot switch of such film laminating machinery allows for hands free operation
2. Laser safety eyes and 2 emergency stops are available for ensuring operators' safety while using.
3. We produce CE, RCM, and ROHS certified semi-auto heat-assist cold laminator.

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