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Common Trouble Shooting Methods of Laminators
Common Failure Cause Solution
Control panel is out of power Not connected to the power supply or emergency button is switched on Check the power supply and emergency switch
The fuse is burned out Check and replace the fuse
The machine doesn't work Pressure of the 2 silicon rollers is too much Improve rubber roller for being charged with electricity
Frictional force of tension rollers is too large Adjust the frictional force
The motor chain key is loosen or fallen off. Fix the key-chain sprocket
Motor or speed controller fails Change the motor or speed controller
Laminated surface is breezing Rubber roller temperature is not enough. Improve the rubber roller temperature
Surface of print's has dust. Remove the dust on the print's surface.
Thermal lamination film has quality problems Change the thermal lamination film
Pressure of rubber roller is not enough. Adjust the rubber roller pressure
The laminated surface has folds or bubbles. Pressure of rubber roller is uniform. Adjust the rubber roller pressure
The substrate to be laminated is not flatly placed Keep the substrate vertical to rubber roller
The substrate is not tightly, neatly rolled. Tightly, neatly roll the picture.
The lamination speed is two fast or the temperature is two low Adjust the parameters according to the requirements.
The substrate is deflected. Pressure on roller both sides is uniform or too large. Adjust roller pressure
When placing or change the substrate, the substrate is not kept vertical to rubber roller Place the substrate, keep it vertical to rubber roller
The substrate is not rolled tightly or neatly Roll the substrate tightly and neatly.
The film has folds. Film tension force is two small. Adjust the resisting force of tension handle
Cold lamination film has quality problems Change cold lamination film
Rubber roller temperature is too low. Adjust to the required temperature
The substrate can't be firmly laminated The substrate is not dry enough. Dry the substrate
The temperature is too low or the speed is too fast Adjust to suited temperature and lamination speed
Color of substrate is too dark. Adjust to low temperature, and use cold lamination film.