ZhengZhou Mefu CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.

Address: West LaoYaChen Village, HuiJi District, ZhengZhou City, HeNan Province, China.

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Mefu was incepted in 2006 for concentrating in the research, development, and production of film laminators. In that year, it launched MF1600-F1 hot and cold laminator as well as MF1600-M1 heat-assist cold laminator. MF1600-M1 offers an effective solution to the problems such as bubbles and folds that are generally produced when using traditional film laminating. It can greatly facilitate lamination efficiency and save lamination cost.

Mefu expanded the production lines. We launched new flatbed laminators for materials used in home decoration and building materials industries, for instance, glass, aluminum sheet, high-density board, low-density board, acrylic board, ceramic plate, etc. Included new models of flatbed laminator are MF1350-B1, MF1950-B1, and MF850-B1.

Our company name was officially renamed as ZhengZhou Mefu CNC Equipment Co., Ltd., and we registered MEFU trademark.

In the same year, MEFU launched low-melting-point BOPP hot lamination film which can save 45% cost compared to cold lamination film.

According to the clients' requirements, we have updated MF850-B1, MF1350-B1, and MF1950-B1. Pressurizing method and lifting method have been improved to make pressure adjustment more uniform, convenient.

We upgraded MF1600-F1 by adding it with new film-roll and roll-shafts. This improvement saves the film changing time and let you more easily adjust the frictional force during the lamination process.

To exactly meet the needs of European and American customers, all the laminators have been added with laser eyes. Therefore, the operators work in complete safety.

In the same year, our products were CE certified, and the sales volume ranked the first in China.

We continuously research, upgrade, and produce laminator. And meanwhile, our market share ranks the first for two consecutive years.

We have produced at least 20,000 sets of laminators, and have long-term cooperative partners in 36 countries. This year, we obtained two patents. Mefu became a SGS approved laminator supplier.