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Laminating Solutions for Sign & Graphic Industry

Our laminating solutions provide perfect results for digital print finishing, whatever the printing medium is: water-based ink, solvent-based ink, eco-solvent ink, UV curable ink, screen-printing ink, offset ink, laser ink.

Roll-to-Roll Lamination
For roll-to-roll applications, you may be faced with some annoying problems, such as wrinkles, folds, bubbles, deflection of printing or film, etc. These phenomena will lead to high production cost. So, how to overcome such problems? All you need is an efficient and economical laminating solution.

Laminators manufactured by MeFu have the following features, and they can get your job done with ease.
1. The unique pressure system ensures excellent parallelism and uniform pressure distribution when compared to conventional manual laminators.
2. The anti-deflection system effectively prevents materials from deflection while laminating, and the tensional force is regulated by grips in order to maintain proper speed of feeding roll, film roll, liner roll and take-up roll.
3. For hot and cold laminators as well as heat-assist cold laminator with infrared heating system, heating temperature is fully adjustable so as to offer enough heat to melt adhesives completely.

Laminating machines with the above-mentioned features provide an easy way for after-printing jobs. Here we recommend some models that are particularly suitable for roll-to-roll lamination.

MF1600-M1: Starter
MF1600-M5: Economical and Stable
MF1700-A1: High Capacity and Versatility
MF1700-F2: Double and Single Sided Applications

Piece-to-Piece Lamination
Conventional laminators are often operated manually, so skilled workers are very important for the final result. However, no mater how skilled the work is, there is still a high risk of making mistakes because of:
1. Reduced strength and elasticity of rollers
2. Inadequate pressure of both sides

After a period of use, curves may be formed between rollers, resulting in bubbles, wrinkles, folds, and the most important issue, reduced service life of laminator.

MeFu laminators are not only qualified for roll-to-roll job, but are also suitable for piece-to-piece applications without the possibility of generating bubbles, wrinkles or folds. Thanks to the foot pedal switch, one man can finish lamination process without any help, while higher efficiency and lower probability of making mistakes are both achieved.

Flatbed Laminator
Traditional laminating machines are limited in application due to their small lamination width, but our integrated laminating machine, namely MF1325-B4 flatbed laminator, offers a better way to solve daily challenges encountered in the sign making industry.

This flatbed laminator is designed to provide a simple but accurate way to apply self-adhesive vinyl, cut vinyl graphic, digital print or application tape to many substrates. It offers bubble and wrinkle free results within an extremely short period time.

When banners are longer than the flatbed, the graphic can be applied in one continuous line by simply hinting the image around the roller and applying a longer length of table, then when the first part is completed, move the graphic and banner through the roller and repeat this process. Also, our flatbed laminator is applicable for rigid panels with thickness of up to 60mm, thus making it particularly suitable for road signs, glass and acrylic applications.

The side pocket is very useful for unrolling self-adhesive film, fabric, flexible substrate and the like. Fluorescent tubes provide excellent back lighting, and the illuminated table surface makes this laminating machine great for use with multi-colored or translucent graphics. In addition, our flatbed laminator is available in 12 different sizes for you to choose from!