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Laminating Solutions for Building Materials Industry
If man-made building materials, including but not limited to fabric, glass, foam board, metal sheet, ceramic panel, acrylic panel and plywood, are laminated properly, the composite material will possess beautiful appearance, good water resistance, good UV resistance or other properties.

However, traditional roll-to-roll and manual laminators are not suitable for laminating such rigid substrates due to the following reasons:
1. The hardness of building and decorative materials is higher than that of flexible materials used for Sign and Graphic.
2. The width, length, weight and thickness of films and substrates vary considerably, and this makes it pretty difficult for common laminators to adjust their pressure/height and transfer materials.
3. Flatbed is needed for piece-to-piece application, especially when laminating large sized objects. But traditional laminators don’t have flatbeds.

Given this, our flatbed laminator is developed to laminate building materials, and it has been optimized in structure. Equipped with a specifically designed pressure system, it fits for any application with width of 33"-72" and max. thickness of 30mm.

Before working, you can adjust the gap easily by turning air knob, and the gap should be determined according to the thickness of substrates. During lamination, the upper roller and air cylinder generate evenly distributed pressure for over-laminates. In addition, the infrared heating system will heat up or completely melt adhesives. So, our flatbed laminator will get your work done in an easier and faster way, and there is absolutely no bubble or wrinkle.