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    1. Semi-auto Hot & Cold LaminatorIt is a roll laminator that offers such an inexpensive laminating solution to various areas. Its laminating and mounting width is available from 1.37mm/50'' to 1620mm/64''. That's why this single sided laminator meets most applications.
    1. Fully-auto Hot & Cold LaminatorAvailable laminating and mounting width of this hot and cold laminating machine is from 1.1mm/43'' to 2.28m/90'', ensuring most large format application possibilities. The fully-auto hot and cold laminator offers an ideal laminating solutions for thermal and cold adhesive films applications.
    1. Semi-auto Heat-assist Cold LaminatorAll our one-sided laminating machines of elementary or medium level come with roll-to-roll capacity, easy tension adjustment, take-up roll, and infrared temperature system. Those features make them offer easy and efficient lamination solutions.
    1. Fully-auto Heat-assist Cold LaminatorIt possesses laser safety device, high-quality rollers, as well as fully automatic pressure and height adjustment system. The special designs make heavy-duty roll-to-roll application so easy and fast.
    1. MF1700-F2 Double Sided Laminator

      The double sided laminator is extremely efficient and time-saving with a take roll which enables you to work with roll-to-roll lamination. With fully adjustable temperature, speed and pressure settings ...

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    1. MF2300-F2 Double Sided LaminatorThis double sided laminating machine can be used with an extensive range of laminating films, adhesives, and substrates to provide extra capacity and more versatility. An advanced laser safety system is installed to the two sided laminator.
    1. Flatbed Laminator for Building MaterialWe manufacture professional flatbed laminating machine used for building materials. Various models of flatbed laminator are optional to meet different laminating requirements of building materials.
    1. Flatbed Laminator for Signage

      Equipped with an illuminated glass bed, side pockets, and bed media holders, this flatbed laminating machine is ideal for larger banner applications. Specially, it is used for flexible sign, boards ...

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