Flatbed Laminator

Compared to traditional roll-to-roll laminating machine, the flatbed laminator as the name implies has a flatbed during application. Mefu offers two kinds of flatbed laminating machines, used for flexible materials and rigid substrates, respectively. Flatbed laminating equipment of B2 and B3 series is specially designed for building and decoration industries, while B4 series laminating machinery is developed for sign and graphic makers.

    1. Flatbed Laminator for Building MaterialWe manufacture professional flatbed laminating machine used for building materials. Various models of flatbed laminator are optional to meet different laminating requirements of building materials.
    1. Flatbed Laminator for Signage

      Equipped with an illuminated glass bed, side pockets, and bed media holders, this flatbed laminating machine is ideal for larger banner applications. Specially, it is used for flexible sign, boards ...

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