Double Sided Laminator

This double sided laminator of our most popular professional range, is a high performance, high speed, multi-functional lamination system. Available with a dual-heat or single-heat model option, it suits every application, need, and budget. The double sided laminating machine or two-sided laminator is capable of laminating 8 meters per minute. It provides the ideal commercial laminating solution through utilizing cold or hot laminating films with low or high heating. During cold laminating or mounting, cold adhesive film is heated to obtain better finish. The double sided laminator has precise air pressure and nip control, which lets users have better and easier operation experience. While using, the operator works in complete safety because of dual protections from the laser eye and standardized emergency buttons.

    1. MF1700-F2 Double Sided Laminator

      The double sided laminator is extremely efficient and time-saving with a take roll which enables you to work with roll-to-roll lamination. With fully adjustable temperature, speed and pressure settings ...

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    1. MF2300-F2 Double Sided LaminatorThis double sided laminating machine can be used with an extensive range of laminating films, adhesives, and substrates to provide extra capacity and more versatility. An advanced laser safety system is installed to the two sided laminator.