Heat-assist Cold Laminator

In contrast to traditional ones, Mefu produced heat-assist cold laminator is a heat-assist roll laminator that offers excellent finish to your products. All heat-assist roll laminating machine from semi-auto to full-auto, are equipped with infrared temperature system to avoid air bubble during high speed application. This heat-assist cold laminator has an unique anti-tilt system for providing efficient roll-to-roll application. Much better, you can regulate the friction of winds and rewinds at any time during your works.

    1. Semi-auto Heat-assist Cold LaminatorAll our one-sided laminating machines of elementary or medium level come with roll-to-roll capacity, easy tension adjustment, take-up roll, and infrared temperature system. Those features make them offer easy and efficient lamination solutions.
    1. Fully-auto Heat-assist Cold LaminatorIt possesses laser safety device, high-quality rollers, as well as fully automatic pressure and height adjustment system. The special designs make heavy-duty roll-to-roll application so easy and fast.